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Department of Respiratory Therapy


Chang Gung University offers higher education in the field of Respiratory Care. We provide an undergraduate program as well as a graduate program. The graduate program is run under the Graduate Institution of Clinical Medical Science.

Reparatory therapy is the application of technical skills involving the complete understanding of cardiopulmonary physiology and the recognition of various pathological conditions to the improvement of the patient’s ability to breathe effectively.

In order to cater to the need of the baby boomer generation as well as to meet the strong demands of respiratory therapists in Taiwan, the Respiratory Care Department of Chang Gung University was established in September 1999. It is also the first department specializing in respiratory care in Taiwan. At first, the department offered advanced education and training in respiratory care for those students with medical related backgrounds. Then in 1995, the department started admitting graduated high school students.

Chang Gung University is dedicated to training students to put what they have learned into their practice. The curriculum of the department emphasizes on the respiratory care principles and professional techniques as well as providing students with sufficient hands-on learning experience which will help students to integrate knowledge with practice. The department also provides courses such as Medical Quality Management, Introduction to Health Care Research, and Respiratory Care Seminars which aim at training students in problem-solving capabilities. Furthermore, our department cooperates with Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to provide students with more practical experience. The affiliated hospital has the well-structured respiratory care division in the Thoracic Medicine Department, which includes a complete range of instruments, equipment, and excellent professional personnel. Therefore, the hospital is able to provide students with an excellent learning environment.