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Gwo-Hwa Wan, Ph. D.




Gwo-Hwa Wan, Ph. D. 
Professor, Department of Respiratory Therapy
Tel: +886-3-2118800 # 5227


Ph. D. in Public Health, National Taiwan University


Bioaerosol, Nitric oxide Analysis, Environment Health, Statistics

Fulltime Employment

  • Chang Gung University, Department of Respiratory Therapy, Professor (2015/8~)
  • Chang Gung University, Department of Respiratory Therapy, Associate Professor (2006/8~2015/07)
  • Harvard University, School of public Health, Postdoctoral Fellow (2004/02~2005/07)
  • Chang Gung University, Department of Respiratory Therapy, Assistant Professor (2001/8~2006/07)
  • Chang Gung Institute of Nursing, Department of Nursing, Assistant Professor,(1998/08~2001/07)

Selected Main Publications

1. Chia TP, Ton SS, Liou SJ, Hsu HF, Chen CT, Wan GH*. Effectiveness of engineering interventions in decreasing worker exposure to metalworking fluid aerosols. Science of the Total Environment 2019;659(1):923-927. (*Corresponding author)
2. Yang SH, Chen CT, Lin HL, Wan GH*. Influential Factors of Aerosolized Therapeutic Drugs Delivery Efficiency. Journal of Respiratory Therapy 2018;29:1-12. (TSCI) (*Corresponding author)
3. Chung FF, Wan GH*, Kuo SC, Lin KC, Liu HE. Mother–infant interaction quality and sense of parenting competence at six months postpartum for first-time mothers in Taiwan: A multiple time series design. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2018;18(1):365(1-13). (*Corresponding author)
4. Li YC, Lin HL, Liao FC, Wang SS, Chang HC, Hsu HF, Chen SH, Wan GH*. Potential risk for bacterial contamination in conventional reused ventilator systems and disposable closed ventilator-suction systems. PloS One 2018:13(3):e0194246. (*Corresponding author)
5. Lee ST, Liang CC, Chien TY, Wu FJ, Fan KC, Wan GH*. Effect of ventilation rate on air cleanliness and energy consumption in operation rooms at rest. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2018;190(3):178. (*Corresponding author)
6. Lin HL, Fang TP, Cho HS, Wan GH, Hsieh MJ, Fink JB. Aerosol delivery during spontaneous breathing with different types of nebulizers- in vitro/ex vivo models evaluation. Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2018;48:225-231.
7. Yang SH, Yang TM, Lin HL, Tsai YH, Fang TP, Wan GH*. Size distribution of salbutamol/ipratropium aerosols produced by different nebulizers in the absence and presence of heat and humidification. Pulmonary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2018;48:22-27. (*Corresponding author)
8. Liu MH, Tung TH, Chung FF, Wan GH*. High total volatile organic compounds pollution in a hospital dental department. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2017;189(11):571. (*Corresponding author)
9. Tseng HY, Lin HL, Wang YC, Wan GH. Clinical applications of 8-isoprostane and cysteinyl leukotrienes in exhaled breath condensates. Journal of Respiratory Therapy 2017;16(2):1-12. (TSCI) (*Corresponding author)
10. Ding PH, Wang GS, Guo YL, Chang SC, Wan GH*. Urban air pollution and meteorological factors affect emergency department visits of elderly patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Taiwan Environmental Pollution 2017;224:751-758. (*Corresponding author)
11. Yan DC, Chung FF, Lin SJ, Wan GH*. The relationships among Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus exposure, exhaled nitric oxide, and exhaled breath condensate pH levels in atopic asthmatic children. Medicine 2016;95(39):e4825. (*Corresponding author)
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13. Tsai YH, Chen KW, Hsiao HF, Fang TP, Chien MY, Wan GH*. Job burnout associated with work satisfaction in hospital respiratory therapists. Journal of Respiratory Therapy 2016;15(2):1-13. (TSCI) (*Corresponding author)
14. Wan GH, Huang CG, Chung FF, Lin TY, Tsao KC, Huang YC. Detection of common respiratory viruses and Mycoplasma pneumoniae in patient-occupied rooms in pediatric wards. Medicine 2016;95(14):e3014.
15. Hu HC, Liu HC, Chen YH, Huang CC, Wan GH, Chou LT, Hsieh MJ, Chen NH, Yang CT, Kao KC. The impact of aerosolized mucolytic agents on the airflow resistance of bacterial filters used in mechanical ventilation. Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 2015;114(8):717-721.
16. Wan SS, Chou CF, Chung FF, Hsiao HF, Huang CT, Wan GH*. Prevalences of sick building syndrome symptoms in respiratory therapists in a medical center. Journal of Respiratory Therapy 2015;14(2):1-14. (TSCI) (*Corresponding author)
17. Chen CY, Lin HL, Chung FF, Wan GH*. High sensitivity C-reactive protein concentration in exhaled breath condensates used as an indicator of airway inflammation in asthmatic children. Journal of Respiratory Therapy 2015;14(1):11-20.(TSCI) (*Corresponding author)
18. Chao ER, Wan GH, Chao LT, Lin HL. Performance comparison of constant-output nebulizers. Journal of Respiratory Therapy 2015;14(1):1-10. (TSCI)
19. Chung FF, Lin HL, Liu HE, Lien SY, Hsiao HF, Chou LT, Wan GH*. Aerosol distribution during open suctioning and long-term surveillance of air quality in a respiratory care center within a medical center. Respiratory Care 2015;60(1):30-37. (*Corresponding author)
20. Wan GH*. Respiratory therapy techniques and hospital air quality. Journal of Chang Gung Institute of Technology 2014;21:1-12. (TSCI) (*Corresponding author)
21. Wan GH, Lin HL, Fink JB, Chen YH, Wang WJ, Chiu YC, Kao YY, Liu CJ. In vitro evaluation of aerosol delivery by different nebulization modes in pediatric and adult mechanical ventilators. Respiratory Care 2014;59(10):1494-1500.
22. Wan GH, Yan DC, Tseng HY, Lee JT, Lin YW. Using high performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detector to quantify the exhaled leukotriene B4 (LTB4) in non-atopic adults. Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 2014;113(8),566-568. doi: 10.1016/j.jfma.2013.12.009.
23. Wan GH*, Wu CL, Chen YF, Wang YL, Huang SH, Chen CW. Particle size concentration distribution and influences on exhaled breath particles in mechanically ventilated patients. Plos One 2014;9(1);e87088. doi: 10.1371. (*Corresponding author)
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