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(I)Faculty Planning 

A.  Continue to recruit new faculties: to continue to recruit domestic and international professionals with the respiratory care specialty.

B.  Education and Development: to encourage graduates of the Department to take further studies (graduates of the first class are presently studying in the Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences) 

C. Encouraging the present faculty to undertake advanced studies

(II) Curriculum Design

A.   Undergraduate Curriculum: The Department plans to collaborate with the Department of Nursing, the Department of Occupational Therapy, and the Department of Physical Therapy to develop the curriculum for double majors to encourage diverse development of specialties.

B.   Professional Curriculum: The department plans to establish the problem-based learning and  teaching curriculum design for professional respiratory care

(III) Teaching Materials 

A.   Design of interactive software for simulating ventilators and clinical applications 

B.   Planning of multimedia electronic systems and equipment for teaching (Hiclick e-conference system)

(IV) Future Research Directions

A.      Aerosol Research 

B.      Research of Chronic Patients Using Ventilators

C.     Oxygenate Research of Critical Patients

D.     Respiratory Muscle Research

(V) Industry-University Collaboration

Establishment of a research, development and certification center for respiratory care systems.