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Ms. Hui-Ling Lin was award as a Fellow of the AARC in 2012!

  The AARC Fellowship Program brings recognition to AARC Members who have reached a level of distinction in the professional practice of respiratory care. Each year stellar professionals will be chosen from among the AARC membership to become AARC Fellows. 

  Ms. Lin’s dedication and contributions to the profession of respiratory care has spanned two continents, with positive impact through her clinical activities, teaching, research and active participation within her professional organization. Hui-Ling has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the promotion of respiratory care in the United States, her native Taiwan and other countries such as China.  Ms. Lin is an extremely productive and multi-faceted therapist who epitomizes the type of drive, dedication, and ingenuity to overcome geographical, language and cultural barriers to become a leader, researcher, educator and role model for our profession.